Spa Treatment
Picture this, while the steaming water is pouring into the tub, you light a
Plumeria scented candle, drop a fragrant bath bomb into the water, position
your wash mitt and handcrafted soap on the side of the tub and slip in to
enjoy your relaxing soak.  Once you are finished pampering yourself, you
step out of the tub and reach for the Plumeria scented creamy body butter,
smoothing it over your skin with your damp wash mitt. Now you are totally
relaxed and ready for bed.

Our bees wax candles are made from raw bees wax supplied by our local
bee keeper.  Each candle has an all cotton wick and burns slowly so that
you can enjoy many spa nights.

Our handcrafted Bath Salts soften the bath water while the fragrance's
sooth your mind and body.

Hand crocheted bath mitts are soft on one side for your face and body, but
mildly textured on the other to scrub those areas that need extra attention.

Handcrafted soap made with organic oils, coconut milk and honey provide
thick and creamy lather that is extra moisturizing, never leaving your skin
tight or itchy.

Creamy body butter is made with Shea butter, organic oils and bees wax.  It
only take a very small amount to do the job and they come in a variety of
fragrances.  Recommended for those who thrive in the outdoors.

Soft and silky body lotion, is made similar to the creamy body butter, but
lighter in consistency.
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Black Sands Emporium, Inc.
Spa Treatment  1  40.00

100% Beeswax Candle
Moisturizing Bath Salts
Handcrafted Soap Bar
Hand Crocheted Bath Mitt
Creamy Body Butter
Spa Treatment 2  $38.88

100% Beeswax Candle
Moisturizing Bath Salts
Handcrafted Soap Bar
Hand Crocheted Bath Mitt
Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion
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