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Activated Charcoal Toothpaste 2oz.  My good friend
Electra Davis who owns Mysteek Naturals, makes this
terrific toothpaste.  I love the way it makes my teeth feel:
just as smooth and clean as when I leave the dentist.

This is an all natural non toxin and not chemical added
toothpaste, which tastes of cloves. The whitening      
agent is Activated charcoal in conjunction with the
coconut oil.
$15.00 each
We Use USPS Priority Flat Rate
Shipping for all orders.  Flat rate
shipping means that you pay a flat
fee for each size box no matter the
weight. With Priority it generally
takes only 3 days to receive your
order after it has shipped.  We ship
within 2 working days
Black Sands Emporium, Inc.
I love to promote friends and those I admire.  Having my
own website allows me the opportunity to help advance
other artists.

Kirk O'Hara paints the most beautiful pictures, with his
mouth.  Thats right, Kirk O’Hara was born with
arthrogryposis, a disabling condition that limits the use
of his arms and legs. So each brush stroke is made with
a flick of his head and neck, with his paintbrush
clenched firmly between his teeth.

He and his wife Sharon moved from Phoenix, Arizona to
the big island of Hawaii, where he paints at his shop at
the Ali'i Garden Marketplace on Ali'i Drive in Kona.  

Please visit his site to see his beautiful artwork or come
by when you are in Kona.
Friends And Artists