Liliko'i (Passion Fruit)
Liliko'i Butter 4oz
Fresh Liliko'i is blended with eggs to create this
fabulous spread. Liliko'i is the fruit from the
combination of peaches and citrus. Great over
Passion flower and is best described as a
Cheesecake, instead of tarter sauce or used as jam
or jelly.

Ingredients: Liliko'i puree, egg yokes, sugar and
Liliko'i butter
Liliko'i Jelly 4oz
Locally made with wild Liliko'i fruit from the Passion
flower plant that grows all over this island. A real treat
from supermarket.

Ingredients: Liliko'i juice, sugar, pectin
Liliko'i Jelly
Sweet and spicy combination is perfect for stir fry
instead of the normal Oyster sauce or like I said
before, as a glaze on meat.  Can also be used to
glaze carrots, add to sweet potatoes, etc.

Ingredients: Liliko'i juice, Hawaiian chili peppers, bell
peppers, sugar and pectin.
Liliko'i Pepper Jelly
Fresh liliko'i puree goes into making this fabulous
jam.  The sweet tart taste of Liliko'i, which is
actually Passion Fruit makes this jam the best   
and the best seller in my shop.

Ingredients: Liliko'i puree, sugar and pectin.
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