Vegetarian  Cruelty Free  Handcrafted
Aloha and Welcome to Black Sands Emporium, Inc.
on the Big Island of Hawaii.

At Black Sands Emporium, Inc., we are all about handcrafted bath and body
products made by us on our 21 acre farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We
take great pride in using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure our
products are the best they can be.  After all, not only do our customers use
our products, but so do we, our children, grandchildren and great

We also offer a large selection of industrial hemp CBD products,
handcrafted by us, using crystal isolate and full spectrum CBD,
and we offer
bulk pricing too.  Not familiar with industrial hemp
CBD, no worries, visit our "
What Is CBD" page to read about this
wonderful alternative to prescription medication.

Visit our industrial hemp
CBD Products page to view all our
We Use USPS Priority Flat Rate
Shipping for all orders.  Flat rate
shipping means that you pay a flat
fee for each size box no matter the
weight. With Priority it generally
takes only 3 days to receive your
order after it has shipped.  We ship
within 2 working days
Black Sands Emporium, Inc.
Free Shipping on orders of $100.00 or
Does not include Bulk/Wholesale Orders