Industrial Hemp Crystal
Isolate Cannabidiol
Infused Oils (NO THC)
If you are not familiar
with Industrial Hemp  
Cannabidiol, please
read my page "
Is CBD."
I take my CBD coconut oil
every morning without
fail, and also give to my
dog. We are pain free for
the day and can continue
with our walks and

Sheryl Z.
Buffalo, NY
Comments from
Industrial Hemp Extract Crystal Isolate
Infused Oil:
 These tinctures are made using
fractionated coconut oil and industrial hemp
crystal isolate CBD.  There is no THC in
crystal isolate, none.  For people who are
drug tested this is the choice for you.  To
relieve stress, anxiety, pain, reduce
depression or seizures, etc., the list goes on
and on.  Cannabidol has no contra indicators,
so it is safe to use with any of your existing
medications.  If you are wanting a larger
bottle, contact me through the contact me
form, or call, I'd be happy to talk with you.
If you need the
Industrial Hemp
Crystal Isolate
increased, I am happy
to customize the
product to fit your
Black Sands Emporium,Inc.
We Use USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping for
all orders.  Flat rate shipping means that
you pay a flat fee for each size box no
matter the weight. With Priority it generally
takes only 3 days to receive your order after
it has shipped.  We ship within 2 working
We do not use Hemp Oil in our
products; we use true Industrial
Hemp Extract Cannabidiol
purchased from an accredited
and licensed lab in Boulder, CO.
Industrial Hemp Extract Full Spectrum
 I use fractionated coconut oil with
full spectrum CBD for these tinctures.  The full
spectrum does have THC, the legal limit of
0.3% or less.  Do not order these tinctures if
you are drug tested as they could possibly
cause you to pop positive, and we do not want
that.  The small amount of THC is like a
booster to the crystal isolate, and many find
more relief with the full spectrum than the
crystal isolate.  There is a mild cannabis taste,
but it is not real strong.  You may feel a little
something, but most people don't.  It will make
you sleepy if you take it before bedtime  
NOTE: Never give full spectrum to an animal,
the THC can be toxic.