Industrial Hemp Crystal Isolate
If you are not familiar
with Industrial Hemp  
Cannabidiol, please
read my page "
Is CBD."
I don't like the taste of
the oil, so I use the
CBD infused honey. I
just add it to my tea or
coffee every morning.

Marissa P.
Norfolk, VA
Comments from
Black Sands Emporium,Inc.
CBD Products
CBD Honey: Our raw honey comes from a
local bee keeper that lives on the Hilo side of
the island.  He contracts with local farmers to
set his hives out in their orchards to pollinate
their trees and plants.  Our choices change
depending on what is available. The industrial
hemp CBD comes from an accredited lab in
Boulder, Colorado; the only lab we purchase
from.  There are two types of CBD that we
infuse into our honey, crystal isolate (NO THC)
and full spectrum (<0.3% THC), which is legal
through the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.  
We Use USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping for all
orders.  Flat rate shipping means that you pay
a flat fee for each size box no matter the
weight. With Priority it generally takes only 3
days to receive your order after it has
shipped.  We ship within 2 working days
We do not use Hemp Oil in our
products; we use true Industrial
Hemp Extract Cannabidiol
purchased from an accredited
and licensed lab in Boulder, CO.
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