Industrial Hemp
annabidiol Crystal Isolate
If you are not familiar
with Industrial Hemp  
Cannabidiol, please
read my page "
I thought that CBD was
more psychological, but
after using the Healing
Salve for a week, it's the
real deal.  No mind over
matter; it really works.

Charles D.
Comments from
There is NO THC (associated with
getting high) in the industrial hemp
crystal isolat
e cannabidiol. You can
use it to infuse your own oils,
lotions,  body butters, toothpaste,
or  anything you want.  I also use it
in  my Doggie Treats. 1000mg goes
a long way.
Black Sands Emporium,Inc.
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shipping means that you pay a flat fee
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We do not use Hemp Oil in our
products; we use true Industrial
Hemp Extract C
purchased from an accredited
and licensed lab in Boulder, CO.