Industrial Hemp Cannabidiol
Crystal Isolate & Full Spectrum
If you are not familiar
with Industrial Hemp  
Cannabidiol, please
read my page "
Is CBD."
I thought that CBD
was more
psychological, but
after using the
Healing Salve for a
week, it's the real
deal.  No mind over
matter; it really works.

Charles D.
Comments from
Crystal Isolate: Pure CBD, where the
CBD molecule has been isolated from
all other molecules. There is NO THC
(associated with getting high) in the
industrial hemp crystal isolate

Full Spectrum: Contains the 0.3%  
legal limit of THC to still be considered
industrial hemp. Legal in all 50 States
through the Farm Bill introduced in 2018.
NOTE: Full Spectrum can possibly be
detected in a drug screen.

You can infuse just about anything with
CBD. The crystal isolate has no taste,
however, full spectrum can have a     
mild  taste.  It can be ordered in 1,2    
and 3 grams.
Black Sands Emporium,Inc.
We Use USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping for all
orders.  Flat rate shipping means that you pay a
flat fee for each size box no matter the weight.
With Priority it generally takes only 3 days to
receive your order after it has shipped.  We
ship within 2 working days
We do not use Hemp Oil in our
products; we use true Industrial
Hemp Extract Cannabidiol
purchased from an accredited
and licensed lab in Boulder, CO.
Crystal Isolate
Full Spectrum