5oz Industrial Hemp Full Spectrum Soap: This
soap is unscented. I use the rebatch method, so  
the cannabidiol  is not compromised by the four
week curing process soap goes through before      
it can be used. This soap is wonderful for all over
body aches and pains. The heat from the water in
the shower or bath opens the pores and allows     
the industrial hemp full spectrum to be drawn into
the body through the receptors in the skin.  It     
also  helps with insomnia.

Ingredients: Organic oils, distilled water, coconut
milk, sodium hydroxide (lye), organic raw Lehua
honey, crystal isolate and full spectrum hemp
extract CBD.
Industrial Hemp
Full Spectrum Soap
$15.00 each
Black Sands Emporium,Inc.
If you are not familiar
with Industrial Hemp  
Cannabidiol, please
read my page "
Is CBD."
We Use USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping for all
orders.  Flat rate shipping means that you pay a
flat fee for each size box no matter the weight.
With Priority it generally takes only 3 days to
receive your order after it has shipped.  We ship
within 2 working days
We do not use Hemp Oil in our
products; we use true Industrial
Hemp Extract Cannabidiol
purchased from an accredited
and licensed lab in Boulder, CO.
Recently a lady came into
my shop and asked if I sold
CBD infused soap. "Sure
do" I replied.  She asked
how much a bar cost and I
told her $25.00, she was
shocked.  She told me that
the CBD soap she bought
was only $6.00.  I explained
that most likely the soap she
was purchasing was made
with hemp oil, not industrial
hemp extract CBD. A very
big difference in product and
price. You honestly get what
you pay for.