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Towards the end of my professional career, I developed arthritis in my fingers and wrists. I
had typed daily for the better part of 30-years. After retiring and moving to Hawaii, I started
seeing a hand specialist who prescribed cortisone shots.  They not only hurt, but only
minimized the pain.  My son had a friend who was making hemp extract full spectrum CBD
salve, and bought me a jar.   I started using it daily, rubbing it into my fingers and wrists.  It
worked, the pain no longer kept me awake at night and I could grip the handles of my soap
pots.  No more trigger fingers; and I had three of them.

The problem was the cost.  $159.00 for a 2oz 200mg jar of salve. I knew if I was to continue
using the industrial hemp extract salve, I would have to start making it myself. For over a
year, I read research articles, blogs, stories, and scanned website after website offering
CBD products.  I read  great stories and findings from anxiety to seizures, migraines to
Parkinsons disease.  The list of studies was enormous, however, the information was mind

Where to get the industrial hemp extract CBD was the million dollar question?  There are so
many scammers and unscrupulous people waiting for a pigeon to land on their doorstep.  It
was frustrating, but one phone call changed that.  My son contacted a sales representative
from a leading company who had sold him extracting machines.  The gentleman told my son
that with his degree in Chemical Engineering and knowledge and expertise operating the
machines used to extract and process products from plants, he started his own company.  
His company was one of the first to be accredited in Boulder, CO.  What a surprise, and it is
licensed.  No underhanded back room practice going on there.  He produces CBD from
industrial hemp extract. Industrial hemp is part of the cannabis plant family, which is high in
CBD, but low in THC, under the 0.03% allowed.

I took funds from my retirement account and bought the industrial hemp extract CBD.  That
was a  leap of faith I will tell you.  Industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD) is not cheap, especially
exceptional quality CBD.

I was already making soap and body products, so I just modified my recipes and added the
correct amount of industrial hemp extract CBD.  The salve not only worked on my hands,
but my husbands back and a friends shoulders.  Since the first salve, I have expanded to
the many products offered on my site.  I make each and every one of them myself except for
the tablets, they are made from a company y son is partners in.  I calculate and measure
the cannabidiol to insure that each jar, bar or bottle has the correct amount stated on the
label and price my products to make them affordable to purchase.  I believe in CBD and I
know it works.
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