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About Us
At Black Sands Emporium, Inc., my goal is to
provide the highest quality handcrafted products I
can make at affordable prices.
I began making soap as a child while helping my grandma. She made several
batches a year to take to the Navajo and Hopi Indians living on the reservations
outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. Here is an article I wrote several years ago for
Enzine Articles
 When Grandma's Soap Went to Arizona.

Our Industrial Hemp Extract products are made using the highest quality
cannabidiol, which is legal in all 50 States and our territories.  The Extract is
manufactured at one of the first of three accredited labs in Colorado.  
I purchase
CBD, which is processed with CO2, because I believe it is cleaner than CBD
processed with alcohol.

Our products use either crystal isolate, which does not contain any THC and or
full spectrum, which contains 3% or less of THC. Our tinctures can be purchased
with either, however, our pet products are only made using crystal isolate.  THC
can be toxic in animals, and Black Sands does not take chances with your furry
family member.

Hawaii has not approved recreational use of marijuana, therefore, we
do not offer
any cannabis (marijuana) infused products.

I love to hear from everyone, especially those whose passion runs along the same
lines as mine.

So please drop me a line and if you have questions or give me a call.
My little grandma Mae
Moore who taught me
soap making.
Black Sands Emporium, Inc.
We Use USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping for all
orders.  Flat rate shipping means that you pay
a flat fee for each size box no matter the
weight. With Priority it generally takes only 3
days to receive your order after it has
shipped.  We ship within 2 working days