Handcrafted Soap
I start each batch of soap using organic palm, coconut, rice bran and olive oils.    
Into these oils I combine coconut milk and raw honey. In my years of experience   
creamy lather that when rinsed off leaves skin smooth, silky and moisturized.        
This soap is wonderful for all skin types and ages.

I love to watch YouTube videos on soap making using different techniques to   
create  beautiful looking and scented soap.  Having said this, the soap you order
will   always smell the same, but may look different because I have tried a new
design technique.
Each bar of soap is $7.95 and weighs approximately 6.7 oz
or 3 Bars for $21.00
Long ago, my grandmother
used to sell handmaid
eucalyptus soap, and it did
wonders for my face because it
wasn't loaded with chemicals
like you'd find in Dove or Irish
Spring. I haven't been able to
find such a soap like that for
years, until we found you in Ali'i
customer. Please don't change
anything about your soap,
because it really is easy on the

Comment from Kirk
O'Hara artist from
Phoenix, Arizona and now
neighbor here in Ocean
View and the
Marketplace.  Kirk was
born without the use of
his hands or arms, but is
a very skilled artist.
"This soap really works
great on my dreds.  
Keeps the locks tight and
doesn't irritate my scalp."

Visit Kirk's FB page here:
Kirk O'Hara
We Use USPS Priority Flat
Rate Shipping for all
orders.  Flat rate shipping
means that you pay a flat
fee for each size box no
matter the weight. With
Priority it generally takes
only 3 days to receive
your order after it has
shipped.  We ship within 2
working days
Black Sands Emporium, Inc.
92-1153 Leilani Makai Road
Captain Cook, HI 96704
Black Sands Emporium, Inc.
Soap Special, 3 Bars for $21.00