Gifts For Everyone
Hand Crocheted Wash Mitts
These wash mitts are great
for scrubbing your body or
washing the dishes.  You can
either put your hand inside or
you can put the soap inside  
to wash.  Comes in two sizes,
large and small and various
colors.  Made of machine
washable yarn and last
Soap Holders
These handcrafted wooden
soap holders are just the thing
for keeping your soap nice  
and dry between use.  They
come in a variety of colors and
are made by a friend locally
here on the big island.
Fish Trivet
Made by the same friend, these
Trivet's are sealed with a food
safe finish that is also moisture
resistant. They have Kona
written across them.
Handcrafted wooden fish trivet
Hand crocheted wash mitt in pink
Handcrafted wooden Turtle soap dish
Fish Trivet
Soap Holders
Bath Mitt