Dichroic Glass Jewelry
Dichroic glass became more widely known when NASA began using it in the   1950s and
60s. The difference is, instead of using silver and gold, NASA  developed a process to
vaporize metals with electron beams in a vacuum chamber and then applied it directly to
surfaces in an ultra-thin film.  The resulting dichroic glass  coating is completely
transparent to the human eye and is applied in layers  to  protect spacecraft technology
and astronaut vision from harmful radiation of unfiltered sunlight in space.  The complete
process may require from 15-45   different layers totaling a width that is smaller than a
human hair.
Charlie (my husband) and Dichroic glass and wire wrap artist creates each piece   by
hand.  The pieces can take hours to create as there are 3 layers of glass used   for each
piece.  After the pieces are assembled they are placed in a jewelry kiln and fired for
6-hours to fuse the layers together.  After this process, he then starts  the wire wrapping
process to complete the pendants.  No two pendants are exactly alike, through some are
Piece #1: Forest green
with flecks of
shimmering colors
throughout.    Wire
wrapped in sterling
Multi colored dichroic glass
Light blue and dark blue dichroic glass jewelry
Copper stripes and flakes of different colors
Green dichroic glass with flakes of color
Piece #2:
Colorful pieces
of glass wrapped
in sterling silver.
Piece #3:  Coper dichroic
glass is sliced to allow
multifaceted sparkles to
show through.  The wire
wrap is a simple one with
gold filled wire set into a
grove etched along the
side of the piece and then
twisted into a looped bail.
Piece #4: Two
shades of blue
with a small
bubble in the
center, wrapped
in sterling silver.
Dichroic glass with red, yellow and black noodles on a silver speckled blue background.
Piece #5: Colorful
piece that reminds
me of the Wonder
Bread wrapper.
Would look great  
with a variety of
outfits.  Wrapped in
sterling silver.
Piece #6:  Beautiful
royal blue and
purple are the
colors in this set,
wrapped in sterling
#11 Forest green
with flecks  of earth
tones throughout,
wrapped in sterling
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Black Sands Emporium, Inc.
#7 Handcrafted
sea turtle with
dichroic shell in
#8 Handcrafted kitty
in copper wire on a
piece of dichroic
glass with red brass
wire wrapping.
#9 Handcrafted kitty
in copper wire on a
piece of dichroic
glass with sterling
silver wire wrapping.
#10 Dichroic glass
wrapped in red
brass with Citrine
#12 Dichroic
piece woven in
#13 Dichroic glass
wrapped in red
#14 Dichroic glass
wrapped and woven
in sterling silver
#15 Dichroic glass
woven and wrapped
in a combination of
copper, red brass
and sterling silver.
#16 Dichroic glass
woven with red
brass and pieces of
Citrine crystals on
the front.
#17 Sterling silver
woven in the Viking
pattern make this a
very beautiful
Dichroic pendant.
#18 Dichroic
glass woven
and wrapped in
sterling silver.  
The boat is
creates a
unique pendant.
#19 Red Jasper
woven in copper
creates this
beautiful pendant.